Welcome to WBBSC's sporting clay league

WBBSC offers 50 Bird Sporting Clays League & 5-Stand League. 

The 50 Bird League traps are setup to provide an easy to walk course.
Stadium quality lighting ensures good evening shooting opportunities.
The 5-Stand League is shot from a comfortable enclosed firing line. 

 Non-Registered Events:

5-Stand (50 Birds)

$18.00 Non-WBBSC Member

$12.00 WBBSC Member

Sporting Clays (50 Birds)

$18.00 Non-WBBSC Member

$12.00 WBBSC Member

NSCA Registered Events

 100 Bird Registered

Main Event

Junior Main Event (Not eligible to play options)

Lewis Class Option*

* Options are only available to NSCA Registered Shooters

**All Events are open to the public.  League participation is not required to shoot.

**Prices Subject to Change

 For latest updates on Registered Shoots and for Results, please visit the 

Wisconsin Sporting Clays website.

Have questions? Please call WBBSC during shoot times or contact the Assistant Director.