welcome to wbbsc's pistol league

WBBSC's Pistol League brings together Public as well as club members are encouraged to participate in the Outdoor Bulls-eye Pistol League. 

Please clean up after yourself. Good stewardship as a WBBSC Member is noticed by your fellow members...Thank You in advance!

WBBSC Rifle Range & Pistol Range Rules

 The West Bend Barton Sportsmen’s Club is the final authority for interpreting and enforcing range rules. No Rapid Fire:  2-Second rule between shots

  • Your Membership May be Revoked for violating any range rule. 
  • Before going forward of the firing line for any reason you must first arrange a cease-fire with all shooters on the range. 
  • Make your firearms safe before anyone goes downrange. Do not handle any firearms in any manner when anyone is downrange.    
  • Safe Rifle: Open the action. Remove detachable magazines or completely empty fixed magazines. Place the rifle on a table, the ground, or in a rack and do not touch it in any way during the cease-fire.     
  • Safe Pistol: Open the action on unholstered pistols. Remove the magazine or empty the cylinder. Place the pistol on a table or the ground and do not touch it in any way during the cease-fire.     
  • Good practice is to insert an Empty Chamber Indicator. 
  • No Handling of Firearms While people are down Range.
  •  All uncased or unholstered firearms must be unloaded, action open. Do not carry any uncased firearm with a closed action off the firing line. Load your firearm only while on the firing line during active firing periods. 
  • If you observe an unsafe situation, immediately call for an emergency cease-fire. Immediately comply with any emergency cease-fire. 
  • Wear eye and ear protection during all firing periods while on or near the firing line. 
  • Personal protection handguns must remain holstered at all times when off the firing line. 
  • Shoot only from established firing lines. Firing lines are indicated by concrete pavement. Your muzzle must be above or beyond the firing line while  firing. 
  • Shoot straight downrange at right angles to your target. Shooting across the range is prohibited. 
  • Shoot only at targets attached to the permanent target frames on the range. No human silhouette targets. Paper targets only. Steel targets are set up on Rim fire range only. Targets made of glass, plastic and similar materials along with rolling targets are prohibited. 
  • Do not leave brass or trash on the range. Pick it up and place it in the appropriate containers. Remove your targets from range. 
  • Full Auto discharge of a firearm is prohibited. 
  •  Use of alcohol or controlled substances is prohibited.
  • Children and pets must be under control at all times.
  •  Do not climb on any of the dirt berms surrounding the ranges 
  • Membership cards must be presented upon request.


Want to learn more about WBBSC's Pistol League or have questions for our League Lead, please contact brians51@att.net